Your Guide to Resilience and Abundance

Through Personal and Community food production

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Haere mai to Polyculture Paddock

If you’re here then odds are you hold a passion food production, regeneration and are therefore, a legend. So thank you very much. This is a critical time in human history and it’s the time we need to be acting with force and intent.

Polyculture Paddock is a growing method based on drilling together a diverse selection of flowers, herbs and vegetable species meant for human use or consumption

It is a low input, high output system; minimizing the inhibiting learning curve and workload usually required with personal production, maximising the range of produce and duration of harvest. 

It generally involves the conversion of lawn or pasture to productive garden, using agricultural equipment. It is targeted to the mid range between backyard veg garden and industrial horticulture. 

Polyculture Paddock can be an integral tool helping individuals, properties or organisations move towards food security and sovereignty.

Our Method is more of a guide than a protocol – the idea is that you take our provisions and adapt it to your own climate, resources, location, intentions and understanding of plant production. It really is a simple concept promoted here. Our method includes a range of steps and suggestions to inspire thought, but the whole thing is as simple as this…

  • To grow a Polyculture Paddock, decide on a location that is easily accessible and take some dimensions, anywhere from ¼ – 1 acre would be a good start.
  • Order a diverse range of seeds and combine them into a series of different mixes (or just one big mix).
  • Sow a strip of each of your mixes, ideally cultivating the ground first – direct drilling can work but will restrict what species will grow well.
  • Be observant and enjoy the process and, once your bounty is ready…


Harvest, Prep, Eat, Smile, Repeat!

Our Mission

To make the conversion from grass to garden as easy, fast and diversly beneficial as possible.

Our Vision

Polyculture Paddock becomes a staple land use, found on farms in every province and lifestyle blocks or organisation plots in every city. Helping kiwis build food security around the country.

Our Values

Innovation. Efficiency. Altruism. Diversity

Start your Polyculture Paddock today!